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Bush Heads Into Recall “Political Firestorm”

President Bush is heading for California tomorrow for a two-day fund raising swing.

The Republican president will likely do all he can to avoid the political firestorm surrounding the election to recall Democratic Governor Gray Davis.

Bush and his top advisers profess to be little more than curious onlookers to an unpredictable drama. “I´m most interested in seeing how the process evolves,” the President said today from his ranch in Texas. “It´s a fascinating bit of political drama.” But Democrats insist the recall has been at least partly orchestrated by the White House.

Longtime Davis advisory Garry South says he has believed from the start that the White House is involved. He says that if Bush advisor Karl Rove didn´t want the recall, he could – as South put it – “call off the dogs.”

Publicly, Bush and his team have stuck to a unified message — the recall is for California voters to decide. Beyond that, his advisers have done nothing to suggest that Rove´s fingerprints can be found anywhere near California.

Bush is spending August at his ranch near Crawford on a working vacation.

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