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Gov. Davis: Issa is a “Right Winger”

Democratic Governor Gray Davis is trying to shift the focus of the recall campaign against him to his Republican opponent. It´s a familiar formula Davis used when he became governor in 1998 and won re-election last year. The opponent this time is Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, who Davis is portraying as too conservative for California and unfit to lead.

Davis said on CNN´s “Late Edition” Sunday that Issa is a “right-winger.” He said the congressman is against gun control, won´t support a moratorium on offshore drilling and doesn´t support a woman´s right to choose.

Issa is financing the GOP-led recall effort and is the only Republican so far to announce he will run if the measure makes the ballot. Issa insists that Davis´ formula of focusing on his opponent won´t work this time around.

Recall supporters say they´ve collected more than the 900,000 signatures needed to qualify the recall for the ballot and expect a recall election to take place this fall.