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Peterson’s Family At Odds With Husband


On the one-month anniversary of Laci Peterson´s disappearance, relatives of the pregnant woman and her husband have started a war of words.

Peterson´s brother, Brent Rocha, tearfully pleaded for more information about her and said he can no longer stand by her husband. He said Scott Peterson was not forthcoming about an affair with another woman.

Meanwhile, Scott Peterson´s sister defended him during an interview with CNN. Janey Peterson said “there is absolutely no way Scott had anything to do with Laci´s disappearance.” She dismissed the affair, saying it´s a distraction from the primary focus of finding her sister-in-law.

Laci Peterson was last seen on Christmas Eve, taking her dog for a walk. She was eight months pregnant. Police haven´t labeled Peterson a suspect, but say they haven´t ruled him out, either. He has reportedly declined to take lie detector tests and has retained a criminal defense attorney in Modesto.