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Possible Northwest Sighting Of Laci Peterson

Police in Washington State are investigating a possible sighting of missing Modesto woman Laci Peterson. According to a Longview, Washington Newspaper, The Daily News, detectives are investigating a claim by a grocery store clerk that a pregnant woman came into the store with a man in December. The clerk reportedly claims the woman said that she was kidnapped and asked her to call the authorities after she left. The paper also reports that police in Longview are reviewing the surveillance video of tapes from the store to see if Laci Peterson is on them. If she is, they plan to notify the Modesto Police Department.

The clerk didn€™t report the sighting until this week, when she says a CNN report jogged her memory of the sighting. The clerk claims she didn€™t really take the whole thing seriously at the time.

27-year-old pregnant Laci Peterson has been missing since Christmas Eve.