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Researcher Says Car Seat Instructions Too Hard

Installing a child safety seat in a car isn´t made much easier by the reading the instructions. That€™s according to researchers who found that the manuals are written in language too difficult for many adults to understand. So says Deborah Girasek, a professor of preventative medicine who co-authored the study.

She says easier instructions may allow more of the safety devices to do their jobs.

“We know that 80 percent of child safety seats are incorrectly installed and that€™s why I think this matter is of large concern,” she said. “We don´t know what proportion has to do with child safety seat instructions, but anything we can do to help parents use this product correctly seems like something that we should do.”

Safety advocates say parents get confused because lawyers inject too much legal jargon in the instructions. The study findings appear today in the March issue of “Pediatrics” are disputed by car seat manufactures.