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Golden State Residents React to Bush’s Ultimatum

Californians are reacting tonight to President Bush´s ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to get out of Iraq within 48 hours or see an invasion led by the United States.

In Coronado, the wife of Navy Petty Officer John Hoeffler watched the speech in military housing. 28 year old Suzanne Hoeffler said Bush needs to make a decision, move into Iraq and send our troops home. Her husband left in January on an assault ship deployed to the Arabian Gulf.

In northern California, Pauline Galleano also thinks it´s time to act. The Madera County cotton and grape farmer said she liked that Bush had a message for the Iraqi people.

But others weren´t swayed by the president´s case for war.

In Orange County, Monzer Kahf of Westminster worried about those who will die in an attack against Iraq. He also worried about backlash against Muslims in the United States.

Los Angeles immigration lawyer Ban Al-Wardi said she believes the war is about oil, not weapons of mass destruction. The 28 year old Iraqi-American also said she fears for the safety of relatives who could be living in a war zone within days