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SF Protestors Mainly From Elsewhere

Arrest records are showing that very few of the protesters wreaking havoc with traffic and business in San Francisco are actually residents of the city. Police have arrested demonstrators from as far south as Mexico, as far north as Washington and as far east as Connecticut.

Police spokesman Dewayne Tulley calls them tourists with a cause. Yesterday – police provided a snapshot of those arrested during the first two days of demonstrations after war began in Iraq. Of the 646 people processed Thursday and Friday, only 37 percent had addresses in San Francisco. The rest – almost two-thirds – are from out of town. The East Bay is home to 163 of the arrested protesters, with most coming from Oakland and Berkeley. The San Francisco Peninsula accounted for 22. Forty-five came from northern Bay Area counties and 31 from the South Bay.

At least fourteen other states are represented on the arrest rolls. Nine are from New York and a dozen live in Oregon. The protests have cost the city about $900,000 a day in extra expenses.