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Oakland Police Shoot Rubber Bullets at Protesters

Oakland police opened fire with non-lethal bullets, tear gas and concussion grenades as hundreds of anti-war protesters tried to block piers at the Oakland docks this morning. 6 longshoremen standing near demonstrators at the S.S.A. pier were hit by rubber or wooden bullets and were injured. They were treated by paramedics at the scene, but at least one was being transported to a hospital. Trent Willis is a business agent for the I.L.W.U. He was extremely angry and said his members would not be going to work today. The longshoremen were standing on the side of the road and were not involved in the protest.

About 500 protesters were moving from pier to pier starting early this morning. They began by barring the way to the A.P.L. pier. At one point, some 15 trucks carrying huge containers were waiting outside the gates for police to clear the way for them to enter.

About 100 activists were protesting at the Federal Building in San Francisco and about 30 were at the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Several were arrested in Concord for blocking the entrance to the federal facility. The protests come two weeks after demonstrations sparked hundreds of arrests and brought downtown San Francisco to a standstill.