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Scott Peterson In Court Monday

Scott Peterson appeared at a court hearing yesterday in Modesto.

His lawyer argued that arrest and search warrant records be sealed, saying elements of “a voodoo-like investigation” could harm his client´s defense on murder charges.

Mark Geragos said he hasn´t seen the records. He suggested they could include references to “psychics and voice stress analyzers” that would be prejudicial to Peterson.

Geragos made the remarks during one of two hearings yesterday in Stanislaus County Superior Court. In one, a judge kept arrest and search warrant records sealed pending a higher court ruling that arrived hours later preventing them from being released to the media. In the second hearing, another judge rejected a defense motion to disqualify him from the case.

After the hearings, Geragos vowed he would not only show beyond a reasonable doubt that Scott Peterson didn´t kill his wife, Laci, and unborn son late last year, but would prove his innocence.