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Peterson´s Lawyer Wants D.A.´s Office Dismissed

Scott Peterson€™s attorneys are asking a judge in Modesto to dismiss the entire Modesto District Attorney€™s office from the case. Peterson€™s lawyer, Mark Geragos, is alleging, “grave prosecutorial misconduct.” Geragos says lawyers in the D.A.´s office listened to conversations between himself and his client. Legal experts say it´s unlikely that the judge would go along with the motion, but it is an indication of just how aggressive the defense is going to be.

Meanwhile, more details are emerging about the Satanic Cult theory that may be used in the defense of Scott Peterson. It was previously leaked that Peterson€™s lawyers may point to a cult as the real killers of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner.

ABC News is reporting today that a Modesto Police report says that days after Laci disappeared, a rape crisis counselor told investigators about a recent victim. That victim said that on December 18th she was attacked by men carrying out some sort of ritual. The victim also said that the men bragged they would be killing someone on Christmas Day. Laci Peterson was reported missing on Christmas Eve.