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More Details on SJ Kidnapping

A relative of that little San Jose kidnap victim says the 9-year-old girl was kept in a cardboard box most of the weekend with only one slice of pepperoni pizza to eat. The girl´s aunt, Sylvia Tamayo, told the San Jose Mercury News that the girl collected clues about her kidnapper in a bid for freedom. She says the girl became desperate when she heard the man talk about disposing of the body.

Tamayo said her niece recalled thinking of ways to foil her abductor. The aunt says the little girl played sick, cried and even faked an asthma attack to make him think she needed medicine or would die.

The girl was abducted Friday afternoon from her home after her kidnapper beat up her brother and mother. She was dropped off at a convenience store about 30 miles away late Sunday. Early Monday, police went to a house about a mile from where the girl was taken and arrested 23-year-old Enrique Sosa Alvarez, a.k.a. David Montiel Cruz. He´ll be arraigned today.

The little girl played a key role in the arrest. She told police a Little Caesar´s pepperoni pizza was delivered to the house where she was allegedly held for at least a part of her two-day ordeal. The girl also reportedly memorized a cell phone number used by her abductor.