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Feinstein Won´t Run for Davis´ Job

Democratic U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein says she will not throw her hat into the ring if the Republican led campaign to recall Governor Gray Davis is successful.

At this point, the recall looks likely to make it to the ballot, with supporters of the effort claiming to have collected over 700,000 signatures of the roughly 900,000 needed.

Feinstein€™s announcement means Davis has the support of all of California€™s most prominent Democrats. Other leading state Democrats have also said they won´t compete for California€™s top job if Davis is unseated.

Possible candidates to replace Davis include Darrell Issa. The little known Republican Congressman from San Diego has contributed $800,000 of family money to recall campaign. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn€™t said yet whether he€™ll run. The actor€™s top priority right now is the release of his new movie, “Terminator 3.”