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Bush Visits California Today

President Bush will fatten his $30 million campaign wallet during a 10-hour stay in California today. His first stop is in suburban San Francisco for a $2,000 per plate luncheon. He then arrives at Los Angeles International Airport aboard Air Force One this afternoon.

Republican officials say Bush will receive two-thirds of the $5 million he€™s expecting from the state at an upscale dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel.

Meanwhile, anti-Bush forces in California plan to use the fund-raising visit to voice their opposition to his administration€™s policies.

A group called “ANSWER,” which stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, plans to protest outside the hotel during dinner. Also today, the League of Conservation Voters will begin airing a television spot in the Los Angeles and Washington areas, saying Bush is on his way to compiling the worst environmental record in history.