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Governor Set To Sign Budget

Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to sign California´s $105 billion budget today in Sacramento.

He calls the spending plan “not perfect,” but “a really good compromise” given the way things go in Sacramento. Although the state Senate approved the measure Thursday, it came only after bitter debate that lasted a month past the deadline.

The governor recently belittled Democratic lawmakers, calling them “girlie men” for not getting the budget passed by July first.

State Senator Jackie Speier calls it a budget of “gimmicks and big fat I-O-U´s.” It avoids a $17 billion deficit through a combination of borrowing, spending cuts and one-time solutions.

Schwarzenegger had promised to have the budget done on time, saying he could break through the annual gridlock. But the process was much as it´s been for years: a compromise budget, one month late.