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More Bills Signed By Schwarzenegger

Governor Schwazenegger has signed bills that will give more prisoners the ability to use the battered women´s syndrome to challenge their sentences and will attempt to stop the dangerous practice of bodysurfing behind motorboats.

The governor has also signed legislation to cut down on unwanted e-mail ads and make permanent some tenant-rights laws.

The battered women bill will expand a law that allows women convicted of killing their alleged batterers to file court petitions seeking a new trial or a reduced sentence.

The new law will cover prisoners convicted of other serious crimes before the state Supreme Court recognized their right to use the battered women´s defense in court.

The bodysurfing bill will make it an infraction punishable by a 100 dollar fine to have a boat engine running while someone is hanging on to the rear of the vessel, bodysurfing in the wake or on the swim deck or swim ladder.

It´s an attempt to prevent deaths caused by breathing carbon monoxide in the boats´ exhaust.

The measures take effect next year.