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Schwarzenegger Signs, Vetoes More Bills

Governor Schwarzenegger issued a flood of last-minute vetoes yesterday, including bills that would have helped Californians buy low-cost Canadian drugs.

Schwarzenegger said the bills would have violated federal law and “exposed the state to civil, criminal and tort liability.”

Meanwhile, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger´s approval of a bill that would make pesticide applicators pay for the medical bills of people made sick by the chemicals has farmers worried about their insurance rates going up.

But bill sponsor Dean Florez says they can work out the details, and that protection like this was long overdue.

Until now, anyone exposed to chemicals that drifted off crops was stuck with paying doctor´s bills.

Hispanic groups around the state are vowing to protest Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger´s veto of a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to get drivers´ licenses.

The groups say the law would keep immigrants — and other drivers on the road — safer.

Since last week´s veto, the advocacy groups have been planning protests to get the governor to sign the bill next year.

California tribes are calling it a victory in a battle to preserve cultural resources.

They are praising Governor Schwarzenegger´s decision to sign a bill that will give the tribes more protection over sacred sites on public land.

The bill becomes effective March first and extends to both federally recognized and unrecognized tribes.