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Peterson Trial: Scott Gets Fan Mail, Mistress Writes Book

Scott Peterson appears to be a pretty happy guy, despite his circumstances behind bars.

San Mateo County Sheriff Don Horsley said today that Peterson´s demeanor hasn´t changed from the time he was transferred months ago to the San Mateo County jail. Peterson remains cheerful, even helpful in jail, and receives hundreds of letters from supporters. He even helps the guards put restraints on him when he´s being moved from one area in the jail to another.

Peterson is let out of his cell twice a day for an hour to exercise alone in the yard, watch television or use a computer without Internet access. Recently he watched a golf tournament on television. Peterson faces the death penalty after he was found guilty of killing his pregnant wife Laci Peterson.

Scott Peterson´s former mistress is going to write a book.

Regan Books has announced that it has signed a deal with Amber Frey. The book is expected to go on sale January 4th. Frey´s attorney says the book will be a “story of courage in crisis” that “will inspire others who have been betrayed to fight back for truth and justice.”

The attorney declined to say how far along Frey was with the manuscript — or whether she´d receive help writing it.

Frey is the woman Peterson was romancing on the side while married to his wife, Laci. During his trial, prosecutors portrayed Peterson as a cheating husband who wanted to murder Laci to escape his marriage.