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More Titan Clues From Cassini

The Cassini spacecraft´s close flyby of Saturn´s mysterious moon Titan this week revealed clouds that will give clues to its weather, but the pass left scientists still puzzled about its surface.

In contrast, a flyby of another of the ringed planet´s many moons, Dione, revealed that wispy features long thought to be ice deposits are actually tectonic fractures that have left ice cliffs. The findings were released today by members of the mission´s science team during a telephone news conference at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Titan is a major target of the three-point-three billion dollar U.S.-European mission to explore Saturn, its spectacular rings and moons. In Cassini´s second close-up of Titan, the spacecraft flew within 750 miles of the moon´s surface on Monday.