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“Big Box” Retailer Ban Considered In SF

San Francisco officials are considering banning so-called “big-box” stores from the city.

The Board of Supervisors is considering an ordinance that would prohibit stores of 120,000 square feet from selling a large percentage of nontaxable items, such as groceries.

The resolution is aimed at giant stores like the kind Wal-Mart is opening across the state. The ordinance comes after several cities in California, including Oakland and Martinez, passed similar legislation. A Wal-Mart spokesman spoke out against the measure, but said the company had no plans to open a store in San Francisco.

Opponents of the ban on the giant stores say it will undermine economic growth and consumer choice. The Land-Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors will consider the new rules next week. If the ordinance passes, it will go to the full board for a vote.