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Historical Odds Against Tookie Williams In Clemency Plea

Sacramento, CA — Legal experts say politics and history will NOT be on Stanley Tookie Williams´ side tomorrow when the convicted killer asks Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare his life.

Except for Illinois Governor George Ryan´s 2003 decision to clear out death row in his final hours in office, clemency is a gubernatorial option rarely exercised in today´s tough-on-crime climate.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, excluding the 167 Illinois inmates whose death sentences were commuted in 2003, only 63 lives have been spared since 1976.

The last California governor to grant clemency was Ronald Reagan in 1967, but the case was far different from Williams´ situation and times have changed dramatically since then.

The 51-year-old Williams is scheduled to die by injection just after midnight Monday for gunning down four people at a convenience store and a motel in 1979.