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Rallies Held To Urge Clemency For Convicted Killer-Turned-Peace Activist

Sacramento, CA — Death penalty opponents are rallying around the state today to call on Governor Schwarzenegger to save the life of convicted killer-turned- gang peace activist Stanley Tookie Williams.

The former co-founder of the Crips street gang is scheduled to die December 13th by lethal injection at San Quentin state prison. Rallies on Williams´s behalf were held in Los Angeles and Sacramento and others are planned around the state.

A rally outside Los Angeles City Hall brought together about 40 people, including clergy, Black Muslim officials, death penalty opponents and a group of youths in black clothing and camouflage outfits who raised the clenched-fist black power salute and chanted “Let Tookie live!”

Many said they believe Williams is innocent. Ex-wife Bonnie Williams-Taylor argued that her ex-husband is being made a “fall guy” for out-of-control gang violence that has claimed hundreds of lives this year.