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Poll Finds Governor’s Ballot Measures Get Mixed Support

Sacramento, CA — A new Field Poll survey out today shows voters giving Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger´s ballot measures mixed support.

Proposition 76, a proposal backed by Schwarzenegger that would impose new controls on state spending, is favored by 19 percent of likely voters with 65 percent opposed and 16 percent undecided.

And the governor´s plan to give authority for drawing legislative and congressional districts to a panel of retired judges is favored by only 32 percent of likely voters.

That measure, Proposition 77 is opposed by 46 percent, with 22 percent undecided. The only one of Schwarzenegger´s proposals is leading among voters.

That is his plan to lengthen the probationary period for new public schools teachers. Proposition 74 leads with 46 percent support, 37 percent opposed and 17 percent undecided. The poll had a margin or error of five-point-eight percentage points.