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Secretary of State Audit Could Come Next Week

The federal commission that distributes voting funds will decide next week whether to audit California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley´s use of the money.

The four-member U-S Election Assistance Commission says it will vote on the issue at a regularly scheduled meeting January 27th. It would take a three-to-one majority to proceed. The panel has two Democrats and two Republicans. The Election Assistance Commission was created by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to administer more than three billion dollars being distributed to states under the act to improve voting systems and replace outdated equipment.

California has received $180 million to date and is eligible for $170 million more. A state audit concluded last month that Shelley, a Democrat, misused some of the money, spending it on contractors who wrote speeches for him and attended partisan events. A federal audit would look at whether Shelley used the money according to the Help America Vote Act. The state could be required to return some of the money.