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Governor Raises Money Out Of State

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hopes to go out of state to raise at least $50 million to fund his ambitious campaign to overhaul California government.

The popular G-O-P governor has proposed constitutional amendments to change how the state draws its legislative districts, compensates its workers and spends taxes. He has threatened to put his program before the voters as initiatives unless lawmakers agree to place it on a special election ballot later this year. The Los Angeles Times reports Schwarzenegger will enlist donors outside California to support a campaign that could include multiple ballot propositions and a television advertising blitz.

Schwarzenegger tells the Times the issues he´s pushing “are not just state issues.” He says “the rest of the country is looking at California and as California goes, so goes the rest of the nation.”

The governor said his proposal to move new state employees into 401(k) investment plans would be closely watched in other states, with national curiosity translating into possible donations.