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Gas Prices Rise Right On Time

The price at the pump continues to climb.

AAA spokesman Sean Comey says California refineries are in the process of switching over from their winter formula to their summer blend of gas designed for use in warmer weather.

The decline in production that occurs during the switch-over pushes the price of gas upward. Comey says most of the fuel used by motorists in the Mother Lode comes from refineries in California and Alaska.

The statewide average price for a gallon of regular unleaded now stands at $2.09. That´s a 15-cent increase in price from a month ago. The most costly place to fill up in California is in Eureka where regular unleaded cost $2.27 per gallon. The cheapest place to buy gas is in Tracy where the average cost is $1.92 a gallon. The average price throughout Northern California for regular unleaded is $2.05 for every gallon pumped.