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Assembly Approves Compromise Car Buyers’ Protection Bill

Sacramento, CA — The state Assembly has approved a compromise car-buyers´ rights legislation.

Some Democrats say that approval could serve as a model of how to avoid the special election that Governor Schwarzenegger is threatening to call this year.

The Republican governor appears to be headed for a special election clash in November with Democrats.

The disagreement seems to be regarding ballot initiatives to automatically cut state spending when lawmakers can´t agree how to erase budget shortages.

Which some say make it tougher for teachers to get tenure and take the power to draw legislative and congressional districts away from the Legislature.

Both sides have expressed a willingness to negotiate, but there doesn´t seem to be any movement toward compromise.

In contrast, auto dealers and consumer groups were able to work out a deal to avoid a ballot fight over another initiative designed to protect car buyers against unscrupulous sales tactics.

That agreement was approved Thursday by the Assembly and was sent to the Senate.