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Budget Petitions Submitted For Special Election

Sacramento, CA — Allies for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger´s budget proposal began turning in signatures on Friday to qualify the measure for a possible November special election.

The Live Within Our Means Act would attempt to limit how much government spending could grow from year to year, and impose automatic cuts in state programs, including education, when spending grows faster than the state´s income.

The budget initiative, sponsored by Schwarzenegger allies Citizens to Save California, is one of four proposals by the Schwarzenegger administration this year.

The final initiative, to pay school teachers based on merit, not just length of service, is not expected to win enough signatures to make a special-election ballot this year.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, a harsh critic of the governor´s budget plan, continued to blast the initiative through a spokesman.

Citizens to Save California co-Chairman Bill Hauck said lawmakers can still try to work out a deal with the governor before any election, but he wasn´t optimistic.