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Schwarzenegger Launches Campaign On Behalf Of Ballot Initiatives

Sacramento, Ca — Governor Schwarzenegger launched his official campaign Tuesday for three ballot measures by visiting a retired couple who said they couldn´t afford any new property taxes to cover ballooning state spending.

The governor said he is routinely approached with different proposals to “tweak” Proposition 13, the landmark initiative that limits property taxes.

Schwarzenegger spoke to about 30 supporters and media in the backyard of Paul and Hermine Kendrick of Santee, saying “…don´t your dare touch Propoition 13.”

Schwarzenegger is backing three ballot measures that call for imposing a cap on state spending, stripping lawmakers of the power to draw their own districts, and increasing the time it takes teachers to gain tenure.

Democrats have proposed raising taxes on upper income residents to pay for education but have not seriously advocated other new taxes.