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Partisan PriceTags Attached To Special Election

Sacramento, CA — Good news about the cost of the special election ordered by Governor Schwarzenegger, it isn´t expected to cost taxpayers the $80 million originally estimated.

The bad news is it will cost more than the $45 million touted by the governor. State election and budget officials say revised figures put the cost as high as $55 million.

While that figure is lower than the high mark cited by opponents of the governor on Monday, they still say it´s too much to pay.

A spokesman for Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says whatever the price, it´s too expensive and Democrats will continue their message that money would be better spent on schools instead of an election about nothing.

Schwarzenegger called for the election November eighth as part of his effort to circumvent lawmakers and take his agenda directly to voters. He says the cost is a bargain.