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Schwarzenegger Approval Ratings Continue To Slide According To Polls

Sacramento, CA — Governor Schwarzenegger´s call for a special election and a new advertising campaign to promote his agenda have failed to stop his slide in popularity.

That´s according to a Field Poll released Tuesday. The poll finds that 37 percent of registered California voters approve of Schwarzenegger´s job performance, a drop of 18 percentage points since the last Field Poll in February.

The biggest decline was among Democrats and nonpartisan voters, but the poll also found Schwarzenegger´s support among Republican voters has fallen significantly.

Pollsters say the major issue is voter skepticism over the special election that Schwarzenegger has called for November 8th. The poll found that 52 percent of voters oppose holding the election, and 37 percent were in favor.

When told that the election will cost between $45 million and $80 million, support fell to 28 percent, with 61 percent opposed.

Schwarzenegger´s political consultants dismissed the poll results, saying that the governor has yet to fully unleash his campaign in support of the ballot measures he supports.

Schwarzenegger is pushing three ballot measures that would impose new limits on state spending, redraw legislative and congressional districts and lengthen the time it takes public school teachers to gain tenure.

The survey was drawn from interviews with 954 California adults that included 711 registered voters. It has a sampling error of three-point-two percentage points.