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In-Home Supportive Services Fraud

[Arnold Schwarzenegger’s] claim that district attorneys conducted a “thorough investigation” of fraud in the In Home Supportive Services program is a joke. See Schwarzenegger Pledges $26.5 Million To Fight IHSS Fraud

No one, including the governor, right-wing legislators, or ambitious district attorneys, has ever found clear and conclusive proof of massive fraud in IHSS. The estimate of hundreds of millions of dollars in savings from the anti-fraud campaign is absurd.

Sure there is some fraud in IHSS, as there is in any other public program or private (i.e. Bernie Madoff) enterprise. And any fraud is wrong and should be stopped.

But this does not justify wasting tens of millions of taxpayers dollars on a grandiose “anti-fraud” campaign designed to treat nearly a half million elderly, blind and disabled Californians like common criminals.

Steve Mehlman Communications Director UDW Homecare Providers Sacramento