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Health Care

I encourage anyone who is scared of our political leadership or decisions being proposed to look up an independent fact finding company and read their “facts” regarding what scares you.

AARP has a website that can accurately address most concerns. PLEASE do not accept as “truth” what a talk show hosts, news anchor, the internet, e-mails and other forms for gossip and rumors are telling you.

Even politicians who have their own agenda (getting their party back in power, or getting re-elected, etc.) are playing the scare tactic game. Sometimes, they are mis-informed and yes, sometimes they out and out lie. I heard a former republican lt. governor out and out lie regarding a clause on page 425 of a proposed health care reform bill.

This constant rumor mill is generating hate, bias, division, fear and doubt. These would be do-gooders think that they need to tell us what and how to think because we are not capable without their opinion?

Lets show them that we are smarter than they think, and quite capable of getting the information we need to make our decisions through the facts, and not the rumor mill.