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Marsden vs Goodwin

I know Marsden has been spreading lies saying GOODWIN is not an attorney. I never understood the controversy until I understood that Marsden had been confused by statements he found on the internet. I am sending this letter to clarify the situation and rebut his malicious lies.

I want to clear up the “attorney” term for all of you confused voters. The Democrats have gone berserk.

All election candidates are investigated for professional designations before our names go on the ballots. The Secretary has the power to reject all suggested designations and chose any one she wants – and that is a final decision. The California Secretary of State does this. She has all the information in her offices. She has accumulated a lot of information about me over the years regarding my degrees and certifications. Her opinion is final, but can be formally reviewed on request. She officially gave me the OK, as she has also correctly done in the past, to use the designations attorney, physician, trustee based on my education and profession. You routine voters have no say as to what designations I am authorized to use. You can not in any way limit my usage of “attorney” as my designation, because you have no education, authority or power. I used the designations correctly, as per California law. There is no California Bar requirement. That red-herring came into play wh!
en Marsden, who has NO LEGAL knowledge, education or training decided to take it upon himself to interpret the law for his followers. The internet has a lot of information, but does not yet replace law school. Unfortunately, he made a huge misinterpretation of the law – that is why education counts and why you MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE BAR BEFORE YOU interpret laws for others. (Marsden violated California law by interpreting California law for others without being a member of the bar and no education.) By California law, Marsden was required to hire an attorney, not talk to a vague attorney on the street, and get an official ruling via a court or designated official (Secretary of State)….get’s complicated doesn’t it. By making false allegations, broadcasting his defamation widely, making his own ruling, and acting as JUDGE in determining the punishment he, Marsden who has only a B.A., wanted me to have, he has committed a long list of serious legal election and civil viola!
tions which will cost him in a REAL COURT of LAW. His passiona!
te followers who help in his antics will, of course, also be liable.

“Attorney” has quite a few meanings. Marsden, with no legal knowledge, chose the interpretation for bar members. Since I never took the bar, because I did not need to, and I do not present before a judge, I am not held to Marsden’s interpretation (sorry guys), and the Secretary of State was correct that I have full rights to use the word “attorney” to describe me, my educational background and the type of work that I do. (Remember her decision is the ONLY ONE THAT COUNTS – not yours.)

This shows the danger of having an uneducated “leader.” You were all led on a dangerous path, which would be even worse if Marsden were babbling in Congress. Like it or not, the California Secretary of State makes these rulings, not artist musician Marsden or a wild bunch of voters. He needs to stick to music. He is out of his element – but he sounded good and was certainly theatrically passionate. I am surprised the County Democratic leaders are so malicious and stupid.

Just as Marsden was willing to eliminate the Constitutional right to bear arms based on a “government list,” he is also willing to deprive all citizens of the right to be heard and a trial by authorized officials(Due Process).(good-bye jobs) Marsden is also ready to control your words (Good-bye Free Speech)

Marsden is NOT ready for “Prime Time.” MARSDEN is definitely NOT QUALIFIED. At this rate the Constitution will be gone in a few months.

SUPPORT GOODWIN – EDUCATION COUNTS and with GOODWIN in Congress you can keep your American rights and privileges.
MARSDEN and DEMOCRATS Must Apologize Publicly, Tell Truth, and Retract all lies in each and all media used to spread the lies including; TV,radio, papers, twitter, facebook, myspace, et. al., today 6/6/2010. The Central Valley does not want people in Congress representing us who maipulate against women and minorities using malicious lies. Speak the truth and be honest. If you can not understand the law, you can not lead in Congress

Dr. Loraine Goodwin, M.D., J.D.
Candidate Congress CD 19