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Response to Marsden vs Goodwin

On June 7, a letter from Loraine Goodwin appeared here. In that letter, she made yet more of her numerous absurd, mind-bogglingly insipid charges. And anyone acquainted with me or my campaign could clearly see once again totally out-of-control and easily-disproven rantings from my opponent. There is a reason I won every single endorsement throughout the campaign – from hundreds of partisan and non-partisan organizations, the media and literally thousands of individuals. Loraine Goodwin had a single endorsement – that of a single individual: John Estrada. And Mr. Estrada has now confirmed in print that he will not vote for Goodwin in the General Election, stating, “…I will not be involved with any candidates who run dishonest campaigns. The truth will come out and the voters will get another chance to get justice.”

That’s why every single endorsing organization opted for me over her, and why she then threw totally false charges against some groups of “displaying racism and cronyism in the Congressional District 19 election. It is clear that minorities must become involved to create a fair and open playing field for me…” The Central Labor Councils of all central California and the California Teachers Association endorsed me and her remarkable reaction? “AFL-CIO SPURNS BLACK CANDIDATE, WOMEN….”The union let me down,” says Dr. Goodwin. “I paid union dues since 1992 and worked for union leaders – they said they wanted to help workers, minorities and women – and kids – but it seems to have been untrue. It was all just talk, I guess. Some men want women only for erotica.”

Despite the fact that it was women, people of color and other minority evaluators who had selected me for endorsement over her.

During the campaign, Goodwin lied and lied and lied – about me, about the very people and organizations supporting my campaign – and unforgivably: about my family. She blatantly lied about my campaign positions – in many cases claiming them to be the exact opposite of what they are. She completely lied about my support for the Second Amendment; after she admitted not knowing what the no-fly list is, she then tried to attack me for wanting to keep America safe. She absolutely lied about my decades of community service, of my current service – and she even dared to claim I was “attacking Veterans” on Veterans’s Day even as I was honoring them. Her lies were both incredible and unforgivable. I’ve followed political campaigns avidly since the age of 15 in 1972 and I can honestly say I’ve rarely seen such a deplorable lack of ethics demonstrated by any candidate. The innumerable citations I can offer are documented and endlessly jaw-dropping but I simply want to set the record straight on the letter from Goodwin which myMotherLode.com ran on June 7.

The issue at hand? Goodwin’s use of the title of “Attorney” – a ballot designation which may explain her narrow win. But – it’s a title to which she may have absolutely no claim. I consulted four actual Attorneys – members of the California State Bar. I consulted the California State Bar itself. And the opinions were unanimous: only those who have passed the state bar examination are entitled to use the label “Attorney.” And by her own admission, Goodwin has not passed the bar.

Despite that, in her June 7 letter, she attacked me, accusing me of practicing law without a license. Really? Is it “practicing law” to consult with real attorneys? To ask a very basic question about an opponent, especially when that opponent has a history of misrepresenting her credentials, as she did in 2006? When that opponent has reportedly admitted in the past that she in fact was not an attorney? Is it “practicing law” to research the California Rules of Professional Conduct and the California Business & Professional Code? No. Unfortunately, Loraine Goodwin has been repeatedly asked to explain how she calls herself an Attorney without having fulfilled the requirements – but has never answered legitimately, preferring instead to attack the questioner, make veiled statements amounting to “there are other ways” without actually sharing WHAT those mysterious ways might be. But she also made a phenomenally absurd leap in that June 7th letter: she claimed that:

“The Secretary (of State) has the power to reject all suggested designations and chose any one she wants – and that is a final decision. The California Secretary of State does this. She has all the information in her offices. She has accumulated a lot of information about me over the years regarding my degrees and certifications. Her opinion is final, but can be formally reviewed on request. She officially gave me the OK, as she has also correctly done in the past, to use the designations attorney, physician, trustee based on my education and profession. You routine voters have no say as to what designations I am authorized to use. You can not in any way limit my usage of “attorney” as my designation, because you have no education, authority or power.”

Unfortunately for Loraine Goodwin: she’s wrong. Completely wrong – as well as remarkably arrogant. As I publicly noted on May 28 in a press release, back on May 18 I personally called the Secretary of State’s Chief Counsel Pam Giarrizzo, who confirmed to me that Goodwin’s use of the ballot designation “Attorney” was NOT confirmed in any way. The Secretary took Goodwin at her word. Period. Let me repeat that: the Secretary of State DID NOT confirm Goodwin’s claim to be an attorney. And so all Goodwin’s hollow chatter is totally incorrect, whether deliberately or out of pure ignorance.

And it also helps to explain why there is now an investigation of Goodwin underway.

The only answer Goodwin has provided to prove her claim of being an Attorney is essentially: because the Secretary of State said so. But: not only has the Secretary NOT said so, but she simply does not have that power! Our Secretary of State has many responsibilities, but ordaining Attorneys is not one of them.

I will not be attacked repeatedly by Loraine Goodwin without defending myself. As a matter of fact, and when she really got into the gutter during the campaign, I began telling folks that the more Goodwin lied about me, the more I would tell the truth about her.

As I’ve done here.


Les Marsden