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Without Builders the Vision of the Architect Will Fail

Welcome to the dawn of the second civil war. The current belief systems popular in this country are just as divided as they were when the confederates challenged the union in 1860. Americans killing Americans in the bloodiest war this country has ever seen. Look it up more Americans died in the civil war than in any other conflict this nation has ever been involved in. At what point do we give, when do we say a man from Southern California is any different than a man from Kansas City Missouri at what point will we drop the hostile language and accept each other for who they are no matter where came from.

Hardened tough and thick skinned we all are, just the other day I saw Mexican kid in Santa Cruz with a scar on his head twice as big as the three x two gash on mine. The question is are we going to cut the divide by race or by rights. this country is founded on a bill of rights and these basic rights should be extended to each who voluntarily accept the rules of our nation.(look it up its in the constitution) so those who voluntarily accept our constitution should be extended those same rights. Every day men and women enjoy the benefit of exorbitant tax cuts for the wealthy yet the lower common stupid AS you label it receive nothing. To play the devils advocate lets say that Ayn Rand’s vision of utopia where are the multitudes of workers that expect to accomplish something great. With zero compensation, are you kidding me? The man with the backbone to run up the twin towers and build it is no greater than the man drew it on paper. What a joke. Without the builders every vision of the architect will fail.