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Doing What Comes Naturally

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I find Francie Mc Gowan’s article, ‘Plant Villans on the Loose’, both interesting and disturbing. With the name McGowan how can she complain about the spread of Scotch Broom from Scotland? I should share in her shame as my grandfather’s last name was Carnegie.

Plants and animals have been extending their distribution since since life arrived on Earth.’ There is a biological axiom that states: ‘It is in the best interest of all plant and animal species to extend their distribution to the outer limits’. Man has been very successful in doing so. Many animals and plants have hitched a ride with him over countless millenia. Corn now covers over 125,000 square miles of the U.S.A. rice, wheat, oats, barley, tomatoes, beans and many other non-native plants cover our country, dinner plates , and fill our stomachs.

We tend to look at ourselves as masters of all we survey…not so. How about bed bugs in five star New York hotels, the recall of half a billion eggs from a new bacterial strain, and the numerous other bacteria contaminated organisms on beef and chickens?

Scotch Broom along our roadsides is just one more thing we need to get usted to. To put selfish dictates on which plants and animals are allowed to exist, goes against the very process that allowed ‘US’ to get where we are.

In the end the bugs and weeds will win. Roaches walked over the bones of the dinoasaurs and they will walk over ours.

Jim Mori







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