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Carolyn Lott for YCCD Trustee

In today’s world, while not impossible, it certainly is a challenge to become successful in a career without higher education. In addition, in our ever-changing economy, we often need to retool in order to compete. Higher education is moving ever closer to becoming a prerequisite for gainful employment. Add to that the desire by many to enrich their lives through lifelong learning, expand their competencies, or explore undeveloped talents and interests, and it is easy to see community college experiences support a myriad of needs.

So, when I read that Pat Dean was not running for reelection, I saw an opportunity to support something I truly believe in and re-engage in public service. I am not running on a platform of change, as Pat has done an excellent job. I am running to help sustain educational excellence, expand access, and assure our campuses continue to be a hub of community activities and community pride.

As a teacher, I know the importance of engaging students, supporting staff, and providing facilities and materials designed to advance learning. As a former city councilmember, I have experience balancing staff recommendations and constituent requests, building reserves in good times to help in the lean times, and working to bring back the local share of state and federal funds – funds that have come from our tax dollars. As President of the League of California Cities and the California Cities, Counties, Schools Partnership, I gained experience advocating for local needs at the state level. As Program Manager for the Great Valley Center, I coordinated development of programs and funding for regional needs. As facilitator for the Center for Collaborative Policy, I assure processes are conducted fairly; people act with civility; and common interests are identified. As a recipient of the Paul Harris Award and Soroptomist Lifetime Honorary Membership I understand the value of community service.

I loved teaching, and I love to learn. I loved public service and would like to serve you as trustee. If you elect me, you will be represented by a person who is accessible, responsible, and dedicated to the promotion of educational opportunities within the Yosemite Community College District.