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Love Your Dog

This is my short life story……I’m a young blonde Labrador dog. I would spend my days playing with my owner, sleeping, eating, chasing cats, squirrels and anything else that moved. Life was fun. On a recent evening my life came to a sudden end. My owner had total disregard for my care. I was out and ran across Hwy. 108 at Jenness Road without looking and was hit head on by a pick up. I limped to the shoulder on my last breath to avoid being hit again. I wondered why my owner didn’t love me enough to care for me so my life wouldn’t end this way. I felt the cold and pain just before closing my eyes for the last time. I know the driver felt bad as he ended my life for which was no fault of his own. He will undoubtedly have nightmares of my last minutes alive. I wish my owner loved me enough to care for me. I only hope they miss me now…..now that it is too late. Maybe I wasn’t a pet to them, just a dog. I now rest in peace in dog heaven. I will miss you all.

David W. Brewer