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Tuolumne City District Sewer Rate Increase Protest


Yesterday I received a letter from Tuolumne City District proposing a 26% + rate hike in annual sewage fees per household. I wanted to share my thoughts with the community up here, and give reasons for my protest and urge others to write a letter to the district if they protest this increase.

I protest for the following reasons:

The proposed raise of more than 26% for our sewer costs per single family home is extremely excessive. Raising costs in times of need is necessary and a normal facet of city and county growth, but the proposed value is exorbitant. I could understand 5%, maybe 10%, but this is a remarkable increase.

The proposal also states that these rates are to remain in effect indefinitely. I do not agree with this whatsoever. When the proposed owed money is fully paid back by the disctrict, this gives the city the right to keep the extra funds, furthering the hurt on the payer. This is unacceptable.

I believe it to be poor planning and budgeting by the district to not have slowly increased the fees over a handful of years. A 2-5% increase would have been much more welcomed per year than an abrupt 26% + increase.

This district is extremely depressed. The Casino generates and creates much income for the district. Given this, I do not want to see this town completely turn into a ghost town, and I believe that the residents that do own homes in Tuolumne City will feel a substantial hit to their pocket-books if this proposal passes. I believe that this town has the potential to turn into a flourishing, tourist-attracting town, but this is not the way to do it. Comparing the Casino’s income to the average Tuolumne citizen’s income, I would expect there to be a significant difference. This is why it does not make any sense to me to put the Casino (as a single identity) into the same rate increase bracket as the Tuolumne City residents. This will only further the decline of the city of Tuolumne.

I only protest this proposal, I am willing to consider other proposals and options.

Thank you.