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Todays generation

Though this letter may seem a bit random and out of place. I thought I’d send it to show what at least one of todays teens are thinking about. I am a local 17 year old from Sonora, CA , and I wanted to give my opinion about the seemingly new teen fad; Drugs. I personally do not have any experience with using any of the choice drugs my fellow teens are using, but I know many people who have decided that they are better off for choosing them. I for one am appalled at my generation.

Where have the children, daydreaming about being a doctor or an astronaut, gone? I know there will come a time when we all have to get off the playground and go do our homework, but it seems to me that many of us have strayed from our own paths. Pills and “pot” will most certainly not help you feel like you are back on that playground. They wont make you feel like you did when you dove down the slide. All they will do is help you dive into a jail cell.

I know many friends who have sat inside that jail cell, and what are they daydreaming of this time? Some of them are daydreaming of the good old days when they were smarter about their choices, others just want to go back to before they ruined both their health and their lives.

There will probably be many teens or even parents who will read my words, and be filled with hatred. Here is what I wish to say to anyone who hates or even loves what I have written: Please do not stereotype me as someone who is driven by religion. I just want so strongly for my generation to wake up from their drug induced stupor, and see what they are doing to themselves. I want them to daydream about being a doctor again, not about getting out of prison in two years. Most of all I wanted many teens to at least attempt to see that NO not everyone is doing it! I know many people are rolling their eyes right now and thinking “what do they know?”, trust me here you can live and breathe without taking a hit, or drinking everyday. It is possible. Thank you for your time.


, best regards