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Tucson tragedy

In light of this reproachable and senseless tragedy in Tuscon, I feel compelled submit text on this platform once again. I have given my opinions here in the past as well in the U.D. some of which have been published some of which I preferred not be published. In this case the tone of what I have submitted previously remains the same, though I did not intend to post here or anywhere else ever again I am again beside myself. The goal that I have suggested in the past is that of finding some resolution in an idealistically polarized climate. Men and women in our area seem to heavily lean in one direction, yet that majority is not so great as the strong side would like to believe. On a state level that majority is flopped and nationally it rests at, give or take a few hundred thousand, 50/50. That being said an important chunk belonging to either group don’t really belong to either group, they sit moderately on the fence not fully swayed by the position held on either side.

A top federal judge, a little girl and a representative of the united states congress are casualties here, (grave injuries are also considered casualties-especially in Gabrielle Giffords case) not to mention those who haven’t yet been named in this story. This seems a wake up call and a call to arms for all who treasure democracy and our constitutional rights. Both sides are guilty of using inflammatory rhetoric, as extremist exist on the outer reaches of either isle, so the blame game can be assigned either way but it is not appropriate here. If this divisive rhetoric is not quelled and compromise cant be reached without contention we face a dire future.

Our way of life is at stake here, we can stay obstinately opposed to each others ideals or we can walk in one-another’s shoes and gain some middle ground. The dialog and debate in the house and senate are going to turn towards our first and second amendment rights in the wake of this senselessness. So undoubtedly a quelling in heated and cheap talk, along with compromise on less important policy will save our bill of rights. Our nation stands on the brink of further greatness or demise, how we choose to approach our fate is up to us as a whole.

Starting here at the local level is all we can do. locally the discussion should be towards propagating our community and bringing back prosperity, not bad mouthing each others politics. Give to Caesar what is Caesars, be proud of what is yours, learn to compromise with your neighbor and preserve our bill of rights. Say what you want but optimism is the best policy and pessimism begets failure