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Murhpy’s Small Business Harrassed by Law Enforcement

As a small-business owner for the last 15 years and current resident of Murphys, I am outraged to hear that the owner of Sac a Main, one of our most successful retail shops, was “busted” for selling knock-off purses. Are you kidding?

1. This could ruin her, as fines and jail time are likely.

2. Who made this “law”, anyway? Lobbyists? And who in their right mind would lodge a complaint against such a business owner? Maybe someone less successful?

3. Everyone knows that purses sold at a fraction of the cost of “designer” bags are knock-offs. The customers who buy them know it and are happy to have a knock-off.

4. Those customers will never buy an actual designer bag. No one is losing here.

The question is, why are MY tax $$ being spent for law enforcement officers (I understand that there were many of them involved in a raid on the owner’s home-how terrifying!) to be utilized in such games? Perhaps it is EASIER than pursuing drug growers/dealers, child-molestors and abductors, scam artists, drunk drivers, perpetrators of domestic violence and the other real threats from which we in Calaveras County actually need protection. I suggest that law enforcement quit wasting resources, let this issue go and get to work!