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Legalizing marajuana

The present “medicinal” marijuana debate is a typical example of ‘letting the camel’s nose in the tent.’ Once the nose is in – everything else follows. I’ts a way to legalize the drug for all purposes.

Advocates of the drug tell us of its medical advantages – how effective it is in reducing pain. They fail to mention the harmful effects of taking smoke into one’s lungs during the process of injesting the drug. Are we to believe that tobacco smoke is harmful and marajuana smoke ‘good’ for us?

Smoke is smoke, is smoke. A recent government warning tells us how tobacco smoke can cause serious health hazards with just very small exposures and in a very short period of time. I would like one of the marajuana ‘medical’ experts to tell me that marajuana smoke does not contain the health hazards found in tobacco, when taken into our lungs.