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Presidential Vacations

I was very upset to hear Mr. Randolph Holder’s biased and misleading comments regarding President Obama’s vacation to Hawaii.

Every president takes vacations, and the expenses are tremendous due to the security costs involved. However, presidents must reimburse some of those costs to the government, such as the amount it would cost to fly on a commercial airline, etc.

Air Force One must transport our President, Secret Service must accompany him and great security measures are taken which are costly. When stating the cost of a presidential vacation it must be stated that the majority of those costs are for securing the safety of our Leader and our nation.

Former Presient, George W. Bush took more vacation days than any other President. He had to have the same airplane, secret service, security measures, and the same costs were involved. President Regan held the record for vacation days prior to that, and there again the enormous costs for a presidential vacation were involved. It doesn’t matter if it is a ranch or an island, they must all use the same airline.

This is one of the expenses that we accept as taxpayers supporting a democracy in which we hire a president to lead us. Presidents need vacations as do the rest of us. Our President , democrat or republican, works 24/7 and deals with very complex issues most of those hours. Even while on vacation, the President is still on the job. Yes, it is expensive, but Presidents do not have the freedom to get on the internet and bargain for the best rate.

President Obama has not cost taxpayers any more money for vacations than our previous presidents. If one chooses to be upset by the amount of tax dollars it costs to keep our presidents safe one can work to change it. But, it is unfair and wrong to throw out a bunch of figures without explanation and mislead listeners.

I stopped listening to KZSQ years ago because of the bias. Tuned in to get the latest power outage news and BOOM, same old thing. Sad.