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Brutal Killing of Dog

I am from Placer County and have been staying in Toulumne County to help care for an ill family member for the last ll months. I was surprise to find out that homeowners in this area have a right to kill animals that tresspass on their property where livestock is kept.

There was a dog that was killed last Thursday on Trace and Waif Mine Road in Sonora. A neighbor knocked on our door to say that they thought that “Tank” was dead and laying in a Creek Bed near the house.

We went down to the creek bed to find that Tank had been shot…point blank in the head, so close, that the gun powder residue made a black stripe down his back. Still warm, we brought him home to bury him. We called animal control to pay a visit to the house to examine Tank… She said, yep, he has been shot in the head. She advised us that a homeowner has a right to shoot if after livestock. I told her, “who said that he was on someone’s property? We found him on the side of the road in a creek. She said nothing could be done.

I left a message for the manager of animal control to call me last Friday, but yet to receive a call. I recently found out that if you shoot an animal on your property, disturbing the livestock… animal control should be called and the body should be picked up on the PROPERTY where they were killed.

Yes it was not my dog, and the owner had problems keeping the pet on their property, but to brutally murder a dog and dispose of him in a creek bed is animal cruelty. Plain and Simple.

After posting a flyer, many neighbors have approched us and and said that many of their pets had gone missing in the area and never found. After contacting the Sheriff and explaing to him that there had been threats against animals that if found on property, they would be shot in the head. I guess you can threaten all you want, but without a witness, the case is closed.

I really believe that pet owners should be aware of the problem and to let the vigilante homeowners know that we will not let this go and that someday the truth will be told.