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Connections Academy – Concerning Board Actions

Our public schools are suffering; it is well-known throughout the state and nation. Still we have exemplary administrators and staff who continue to strive for excellence, helping our students to realize their full potential. We wanted a little something different for our daughter; an education that would feed her artistic side, but push her academically and prepare her for college. That school exists here; it is the Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy and it’s unique partnership with Summerville High.

Connections didn’t start off strong, but when Michael Gibson was hired it began to soar. Recently Connections was recognized as a California Distinguished School; better yet, it was recognized Nationally. Both accolades came under the guidance of the current administration, particularly Michael Gibson. An exemplary school and partnership with exemplary administration and teachers. Our daughter has been pushed academically and challenged physically. Her ‘sport’ is rodeo, but in her ‘ballet’ P.E. class at school she runs a mile every other week and mirrors the football players work-out in the weight room the alternating weeks. She loves school, and all her teachers. She’s been in every play, and can’t wait to be more involved.

It’s been a great year, until the last few weeks. The Summerville High Board went into closed session, without the superintendent, an unprecedented move? Michael Gibson, the Connections principal, beloved by students and parents, was banned from the campus, forbidden to return. No charges have been made, just a list of accusations in the form of questions in a letter to Mr. Gibson from the Board President. No one knows for sure, personnel issues are confidential. What could have made the Board act so unprecedentedly in the last three weeks of school, pushing students to tears, clouding what should be joyous eighth and twelfth grade graduations? Out of consideration for the students and taxpayers, why not wait until school was out? Mr. Gibson is being paid to sit at home, substitutes are being paid to cover classes, and students are missing their mentor during the most stressful time of the school year. Summerville High Board – please reconsider your decision.