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Dispensary Busts

Medicinal Marijuana seems to be in the headlines recently. Our Commander In Chief’s statement on this subject was as I quote “To treat the same as any other prescription medication, as any other prescribed medication by your doctor.” Whether you agree with this or not, it is the law of the land and voted by the people of the state of California for medicinal purposes only.

Many FDA approved medications are derived from plants.

When reading what is going on in this county I wonder If there is not a conflict of interest. Were the dispenseries shut down for illegal activities or simply because we don’t want them in our town, or was it something else?

Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries are legal for pt’s with prescriptions only.
So, I’m wondering, who broke the law? Certainly not dispenseries who paid local, state and federal taxes. Something just does not make sense. Why are all of all of our tax dollars going toward criminalizing a legitiment non- profit business instead of going after the real crimminals in our county as there are many? That is my concern.

Can somebody please expain this to the people of Tuolumne County?

Thank You.