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Water Wars Heat Up

Rep Denham has introduced legislation that would undermine hard fought Wild and Scenic protections of our rivers. Mr Denham cites that raising Exchequer Dam, at Lake McClure would create jobs and provide storage during rainy years. If Mr Denham would have checked the historical levels of Lake McClure he would have noticed it rarely, if ever, fills and even this year when all other reservoirs are flush it has yet to fill.

What he seems to be trying to do is placate his Big AG buddies by giving them water rights they don’t have now or deserve. If Big AG wants to farm in the Central Valley they should be able to, but with the water on hand. Perhaps cactus apples would be more appropriate than the almonds they grow now and in fact ship 90% of abroad.

I urge you to let Mr Denham know you like salmon and don’t appreciate his attacks on this fine California natural resource.