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Retirement and Technology

Does having people working longer, more years…slow the newer, fresher, more efficient, less paid, more possible brainstorming students from getting a job????

Respectfully speaking, people of the ages 58 and older, should have a livable retirement package avaliable to them. This will allow much more jobs for our new technology taught students, high school and college students. We could be encouraging stagnation in the workplace and our Country’s growth.

I’m not saying that people of the silver years dont have anything to contribute, as they absolutely do. But, we must provide a succesful path for our current graduates. That can happen if we can provide our silver yeared companions a decent retirement package. Maybe once we get the Government spending way down, we could lower back the Social Security retirement age to the original retirement age to which members started paying in to the program.

This would provide a strong workforce cycle.