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A Night with the Stars their Public Won’t Soon Forget!

When things just don’t add up, well even the simplest of people can tell. This point was proven last Saturday night at Columbia College when the Omega Nu ladies made a public mockery of the Dancing with The Stars held in Tuolumne County.

After a long night of dancers showing great poise and hard work on the dance floor in front of their piers of Tuolumne County that was stated to take 14 weeks of hard training to do, they were all asked to come stand on the dance floor again and wait for the M.C. (Justin or Big Sexy from the local radio station) and the Omega Nu ladies who were now lined up with flowers and standing readily by the main entrance and general /bleacher seats where I was standing to witness this ladies would be announcing who the Second and First place winners were in each couples categories.

After then once all the couples lined up Justin was told that “the judges” hadn’t tallied up the votes yet and so Justin confidently used some time to talk to the couples and do the old fashioned “Let’s ask the crowd which couple they think should win” by having them applaud for each couple.

After about five couples and a few minutes of crowd pleasing and time killing, a few of these old women from Omega Nu frantically come from behind me from where apparently they are counting the money and frantically state that the money isn’t counted and they re a mess back there to their flower holding sisters which even I and the other bleacher crowd over here and then Justin was approached and he announced what he was told and stops asking the crowd what they think at all and states “That the judges did tally up their scores but they were waiting on the money to be counted to get an accurate score”!The money that each couple had raised personally to be here in the first place. And the money that people watching had put into each couples personal boxes to vote for each couple. But This abrasive stop to Justin’s efforts on what the crowds opinion was…the same crowd of Tuolumnites that paid Thirty dollars minimum to be here each.

The crowd that had patiently waited to hear that people that may be loved ones, friends, and or co-workers had worked so tirelessly for had been thwarted out and disrespected in a flash by little old betty’s who couldn’t count, and were in a frenzy in the back room. This clearly didn’t sit well with the audience as I watched a line of people walk from both the bleacher and opposite red VIP seats get up and make for the main door exit. As they did mutters of disrespect and awe were the words of audience members passing me. And not but a few moments after this were these old ladies frantically coming back through to their sisters holding flowers again now stating that they need more time and that the money has been put into a confusing pile and things are a mess!

Yet again someone approaches Justin and he decides to “Slow things down”. “And give them about 5 to 7 minutes. At this point I am watching this in disbelief and decide I need to walk to a different area and do so by making my way now from standing next to these women holding flowers to the opposite end of the bleachers and walk up to the last row and sit down hoping this mess I was witnessing was a horrible mistake and I had possibly miss heard things.

Nope, here are perfect strangers accompanying me on the bleachers talking to each other stating exactly what I had witnessed and heard from these ladies. That the money was more important than the skill any of these poor saps had shown up here tonight. And that all this mess of info and shared disgust had made its way to the end of the bleachers where I know sat. I had looked around and found that this was a mutter the crowds were making all over now, and it was astonishing.You could almost hear the audience’s disgust over Justin’s now time killing questionnaire of the current couple he was prodding to keep busy from what place they may or may not be in depending on how much money the old ladies in the back come up with.

This was now a public mockery and we all shared witness to just how bad when over 7 minutes later they still hadn’t accurately counted the money and then made these people dance even more as Justin had someone choose a random song from the crowd and then demanded that they dance like monkey’s furthering this public embarrassment then finally after three songs of uncomfortable dancing and further patience the names were announced for second and first place couples in each category by these Omega Nu women who just minutes earlier couldn’t tell who’s money was who’s or how much money was there! And these couples stood there and had to take this disrespect and smile in front of their neighbors and on lookers in horror and take this!

While sitting there watching this mess I as several others started to question; did the money these people raised end up going to the correct charities then? If these old women had confused and even shuffled the money together confusing it into a pile then how do we know what money went where, and more so if these poor “Stars” were robbed of their proper places and their efforts to “fundraise” as it were was for nothing. If this has taught anyone anything it is that hard work doesn’t amount for much in the eyes of old power. Not when money is what matters most!

Shame on the Omega Nu women and shame on anyone that would buy into this idea and accept it as though you didn’t have a voice. This is America last time I checked, and hard work and honest labor should be and has always been rewarded with valiance and respect. At least until this mockery I believed so.